Welcome, Alicemadhatterisreading

Welcome, you must be Alice, I assume! Now, let me introduce myself before time’s running out, you know how cruel time could be. Right, I’m the White Rabbit and if you are here then it means you have been following me to the Wonderland!

You would see lots of wonders here, but the most wonder of all would be the Madhatter’s Tea Party, which is what this is all about, is it not? Oh, sorry Hatter, I don’t see you there.

Go away, Rabbit, let me do my introduction. Coughs. So, I apologize for the rude introduction by the White Rabbit. Allow me to start again. My name is Hatter, a MAD one, to be exact. There are many things about me that you would know, but MAD is all it is. Do not worry though for there is nothing to be afraid. I assume that you have received my invitation and that is why you are here, to join the TEA PARTY!

Now, I wouldn’t spoil the party and would let you explore around here yourself. And don’t waste time for time is evil! And there is only one big rule here.


And if you want to explore more from this Wonderland, you can just go to this link. Have fun!