Hello darling, I believe that it might quite a bit confusing without a guide don’t you think? As much as I want to let you explore, but a little guide won’t stop the fun, right? So here it is!

You know I always put STARS at the end of everything right, except for my recipe so here are what it meant!

1🌟: I am struggling to read this book; There are things that are conflicting, the plots, the characters, the writing style, the story itself, and maybe it’s not the book; maybe it’s just me. When I give this, most likely I don’t finish this book or just skim and read the ending right away. And even then, I don’t like the ending too.

2🌟🌟: It was quite okay, but again, maybe it’s not really my style of book; I probably love the concept, but not really much on how it is delivered on the book.

3🌟🌟🌟: It’s an OKAY book, my genre, my kind of plot, but nothing new, just a book that I would read once and put it back to my shelf and probably read it again some other time.

4🌟🌟🌟🌟: I LOVE the book so much, but there is still something off from it, could be the plot or the writing style, but overall I LOVE it and would probably love to buy the related bookish stuffs and recommend it to everybody.

5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to everyone, would even think to buy the books and collect all the stuffs related to it. Everything is so good, from the plot, the characters, and the ending (that matters the most to me).