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Wonder Crate | Best Laid Plans

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Today, I received a wonderful package from my dearly friend, Mary Poppins. When I opened it, it’s a package from Inkandwonder and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Because there, my friend, is my first Wonder Crate – Best Laid Plans!

Now. If you still want to know what’s inside. To see the spoiler, then you can click that ‘Read More’ after this. Otherwise, you can sit tight and wait until your box came and come back again. I’ll be waiting with my tea for you here!

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Lacuna Candle Co (Vicious Villains) – Unboxing

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Hey Ho! Look what makes Hatter happy this week! It’s Lacuna Candle Co’s Vicious Villains box!! If you haven’t had the box yet, don’t read this post, but if you so want to see the spoilers, COME INSIDE AND BE PREPARED! For this time, all the villains you know are in this!

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Candles, Candles, Candles everywhere!


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Ah dear Alice, do not be afraid of darkness now, for you would find these candles be accompanying you when I am not here. Alas, these are the candles that are in United Kingdom, secretly a place where I was born, or so I was told. Nevermind about that, now let’s travel around the shops, okay? Oh! And of course, the candles are needed to celebrate your ‘Merry Unbirthday‘ are they not?

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