Honey, I Garlic the Chicken

Hey, hey, do you miss me? Do you miss me? Okay, I think that’s from another series, but well, if you miss me, I’m sorry, I was away for so many adventures, so many wonders to be seen! Now I’m back, a little gift for my recipe that I found from my journey that would wish you to have honey with chicken right now. And yeah, please avoid the bees at all cost.

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Calories: ± 500 calories
Portions: 2 people
Durations:  30 minutes Continue reading “Honey, I Garlic the Chicken”


Cheshire’s Beef Burger

Right, hello Alice, would you not want to try my Burger? Hmm? If I were you, I would just eat it right away. Why not fish, you ask? Why fish? Why not we explore all the wonders in the world?

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Calories: ± 1,000
Portions: 3
Durations: ± 1 hour Continue reading “Cheshire’s Beef Burger”


Hatter’s Eat Me Noodle Soup [Halal]

A, A, I know what you are thinking. You must be, what? I can make my own Instant Noodle soup. I beat you can, but this is ‘Eat Me Noodle Soup’ and so of course it’s different. Stop pouting and just read it dear.
(Note: Everything here is from UK Supermarket, but you can adjust it according to your local Supermarket).
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Calories: ± 500 calories
Portions: 2 people
Duration: ± 30 minutes

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